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A Fence Iron Worker Apprentice will learn the skills of the trade through 3 years of on the job learning and apprenticeship school.  The Iron Workers in the fence program will go on to work on erection, unloading, relocation, repair, maintenance, layout and removal of chain link fence; sheet metal on fence framework; highway metal plate guard rail; erosion fence, super silt fence, chain fence; snow fence; all types of wire fences, precast concrete fencing, plastic and synthetic fences; playground equipment and metal strips or tight lacing for decorative or protective purposes; temporary fencing, highway delineators and reflectors; guard cable; metal drum barriers; highway safety devices; chain link fabric, gates or barbed wire; athletic safety netting; bollards; blast fence; bumper posts; glass fence; wire mesh partitions, ornamental iron fence, bridge rails, flagging, bike racks, landscape furniture and wood fence.  To see our training in action, CLICK HERE


  • Must be able to lift heavy objects
  • Work at elevated heights Training
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Must have a good work ethic and positive attitude
  • Hard working and motivated
  • Recommended Preparatory Classes
  • Any Shop Classes
  • Mathematics classes
  • Drafting
  • Work Experience (Helpful but not necessary for acceptance)
  • Familiarity with any type of construction

Working Conditions
Architectural Iron Workers work in all types of weather conditions and at various heights.

Length of Apprenticeship

  • Three (3) years – Minimum of 4,200 – 6,000 hours of on-the-job training.
  • Apprentices attend school Tuesdays and Thursdays, (6) six hours a week from October – April.
  • Apprentices work five days a week receiving on-the-job learning

Wage Information

  • Apprentice wages start at 65% of journeyman's wage
  • Increase up to 90% of journeyman's based on hours worked
  • Journey Level 100% of journeyman’s wage
  • Average Journeyman’s wage rate = $46.00/Hr. (06/22)


  • Health & Welfare
  • Pension & Annuity

Can I get college credits for completing my apprenticeship?
YES! College credit is available for completion of local 63 apprenticeship.

Contact Ivy Tech’s Teresa Hess ( for more information. Be prepared to provide a copy of your Apprenticeship Completion Certificate from the Ironworkers International or the Department of Labor.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in Becoming a Fence Apprentice!

Current Apprentice Schedules

See APP for Absent / Late Form & Progress Report