Business Manager, Financial Secretary, Treasurer 
Paul B. Wende

President/Business Agent
Paul Thompson
(Central Cook County)

Tim Williams

Business Agents
Jack Canniff (Northern Cook County)
John Hall (Lake and McHenry County)
David Murray (Southern Cook County)

Recording Secretary
Paul Goodrich

Executive Board
Lawrence Cosentino
Kenneth Heiden
David Garza
Jose Romo
Kenneth Warner

Examining Board
Richard Alvardo
Matthew P. Doyle
Dan Nelson

Union Trustees
Xerxes Flores
Alex Humann
Eric A. Dean

Fletcher Holmes
Fence Organizer
Serjio Robles

James Welter

Mid-America Pension Union Trustee
Paul B. Wende

Health & Welfare Union Trustees
Paul B. Wende (Chairman)
Jack Canniff
David Murray

Defined Contribution Union Trustees
Paul Thompson (Chairman)
Jack Canniff
Paul B. Wende

Joint Apprenticeship Union Trustees
Paul B. Wende (Chairman)
David Murray
Paul Thompson

Fence Apprenticeship Union Trustees
Jack Canniff (Chairman)
David Murray
Paul B. Wende

Apprentice Coordinator
George Butz

Entertainment Committee
Paul Goodrich
General President
Eric Dean

Executive Director/DOAMM
Ray S. Dean
International Organizer/DOAMM
Larry McNiff
General Organizer Apprenticeship and Training
Russell Gschwind