Why Choose Union?

Why choose Union Contractors? It’s simple.

High Quality, Skilled Craftsmen:

We attract and retain the highest quality, dedicated individuals with an attractive wage, benefits package, and career track. We are truly a brotherhood and seek those individuals who are committed to the same values we hold in our Union.


Not only do Union Contractors utilize the best trained workers in the industry, those workers are encouraged to update their skills at the Ironworkers District Council’s own Training Centers. In addition to training Apprentices, it offers Journeyman training courses that keep their skills current in the latest construction technology.

Skilled Union Workers = Competitive Cost:

Contrary to what non-union competitors would have you believe, we are the low bidder on the majority of bids. When you invest in your workforce as we have (benefits, training, competitive wage), the return is increased efficiency and productivity. Because our craftsmen are better trained, highly motivated and very skillful, less man hours are required reducing the estimated cost.


Our Union workforce is talented and motivated. Their livelihood hinges on the quality of work that they produce, which results in a high level of dedication to quality on your project. Research has proven that union construction is of higher quality than non-union.


Union contractors can depend on and trust that they will receive the finest worker their monies can buy. They can market the quality of their projects to the developers. They can assure that work will be done on time and on budget. The purchasers of our goods can bank the savings associated with less service and maintenance costs.

Especially in this time of economic uncertainty, the monies spent on capital improvements are too important to waste. You can rest assured that your dollars are well spent with Union Contractors.